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Hello, I'm INSA.

I love connection.

I help people to reconnect to their sense of Self, Safety and Sovereignty. 


I initiate people into the realm of their emotional

and intuitive intelligence where they can reconnect to their Self. For in this connection we experience ourselves as sovereign, belonging, and truly alive.

I am a lecturer at universities in Germany and Switzerland and help companies and their employees to feel more grounded, connected and joyous at work. ... and on Mondays I teach YOGA

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It took me a while to get here...
a story of reconnection

At the age of 28, separation – which was the subject of my academic research - turned into a very personal affair. A crisis shattered my existence on every level. I left Berlin and the University to work as a gardener in a remote valley in the Swiss Alps. 

It took me three years to be “OK” again. Three more to become what I consider ME today. I dedicated these years to reconnecting to the essentials of life that I’d been hurtfully missing: My lineage, intuition, talents and emotions, my dreams, values, and beliefs.


My unfolding vitality led to new possibilities and a professional expansion. I grew from an Academic into a Gardener, a Yoga and Meditation Instructor, a Shaman and eventually back into a University Lecturer. Today I’m weaving together these fields and their potentials. I aim to renew your trust in your personal resources as well as in the natural cycle of life that I got to know and love in the Garden in the Alps.  


my Mission

Today I reconnect what belongs together.

I am offering powerful synergies between the Witts of an Academic, the Trust of a Gardener, the Strength of a Yogi, and the Heart of a Shaman. 

"INSA is an empathic, vibrant and non-judgemental person. She’s surrounded by an aura of understanding and has a deep connection to healing energies to support and guide people on their way."

Cani, Medical Director, DE


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