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Updated: Sep 23, 2022


This weekend we have three major constellations that reverberate in the firmament like a triple stroke of the clock indicating that something is over. I mean, really, really, really over.

Finally, it’s time to RELEASE. Time to RECALIBRATE. And time to REBALANCE. In other words: Its time we all reach out for something new, that means you too!

Let’s start with a little lay of the land. For about two weeks now, Mercury the planet of commerce, connection and communication has been retrograding through LIBRA, which is of course the sign of balanced and not so balanced relationships. Mercury’s retrograde is like a detailed and pretty relentless inspection of our relationship-dynamics. Its aim is not to destroy anything, but to reveal what hasn’t been working for a while already. (Go and read the full article on the Mercury retrograde here).

I don’t know about you, but personally I’ve witnessed an impressive number of time-outs, deep talks and break-ups in my social circles lately and wasn’t spared my share of it.

Since LIBRA is obsessed with harmony this feels very unpleasant but is of course all the more healing. Last week one of my Astrology teachers mentioned a French study suggesting that the major part of violent criminals are born in libra-season. A quick google research brought no proof that this study even exists, but in points to a dynamic that I know first-hand:

...little WOUNDS adding up to fierce RAGE.

This retrograde has been excavating our conditioned “politeness”, our tendencies to smile the pain away, to dodge or to keep silent and all the ways in which we say YES when we mean NO. In other words, all the ways in which we accumulate pain & grudge and avoid constructive conflict.

Does this ring a bell? If so, cheer up, dear! There’s good news for all of us. For this weekend the cosmos is offering us three wonderful opportunities to RESET our individual relationship-programs.


What is a Cazimi? The word cazimi is of Arabic origin and means “in the heart of the sun”. Ancient cultures were already very aware of the purifying and healing qualities of the sunrays that we use today in systems of solar water disinfection or as a treatment for dermatological diseases. When a planet travels through the center of the Sun it is therefore thought to be purged from all the debris that it has absorbed on its journey.

Whether you believe in this or not you can use Mercury’s cazimi (Friday 23rd) as an inspiration to purge your style of communication. What if your major concern wasn’t (muddy) harmony, but true & pure balance between your words and thoughts, your needs and your answers, your feelings and your actions?


Due to the inclination of the axis of the Earth the sun follows a soft curve similar to the sine wave as it rises and falls on the horizons in the course of the year. It’s two extrema (the Solstices) and two symmetries (the Equinoxes) are important indicators for the CHANGE of season. On Friday 23rd (CET) we find ourselves in this fleeting moment when days and nights have the exact same length, the Equinox.

This is a powerful moment to shift your weight and to finally induce that behavioral change you may have been chewing on for a while now. Yes, the Equinox is an invitation to not only set an intention but actually change direction … with all the inner re-orientation and outer explanation that this may entail.


The new moon happens on Sunday, September 25th at 11.54 pm (CET). The sun and the moon are meeting each other in Libra. The encounter of the archetypal energies of the Father (sun) and the Mother (moon) is pointing to our early and unconscious conditioning. This is a very good moment to dig out outdated core beliefs about relationship and harmony.

A core belief is something we unconsciously accept as true even if we know it’s wrong on a mental level. So, my dear, how do you truly FEEL about relationships? Is connection a permanently endangered good? Does unconditional love exist? Is harmony one of many possible relational states or something that must be maintained at all costs?

Conditioning may weigh heavy on us. But it is our not fate. This is a very good moment to fetch your journal and gently reassess the uncanny situations and your behavior in the last two weeks (or more). Try to see through the planetary and social nebula and set your most optimistic intentions. Pluto and Uranus lend you a helpful hand in your transformation and foster innovative and bold moves.

Alright then. Journal your heart out. Lean in. Excavate your Agency!

I promise, the Cosmos is on your side!

Yours, INSA

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