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RELATIONSHIP ISSUES! Mercury retrograde in Libra from Sept 10th to October 2nd 2022

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

O what a summer! In August the Cosmic Caravan consisting of the Sun (your Identity), Mercury (your Communication) and Mars (your Power) have made their gnarly passage through a tight bottleneck formed by the opposing principles of Saturn (structure and tradition) and Uranus (innovation and disruption).

The point of this transit was to enliven the various aspects of your AGENCY and to reassess the luggage you are carrying with you on the journey to the Future. As August’s dust settles, we’re called to discern the helpful patterns and structures that foster our growth from those that may have provided scaffolding in the past but feel inhibitory now.


As if this wasn’t enough in the beginning of September relationship issues are knocking on our door and staying with us for quite a while … On September 1th Venus – the Principle of Relationship & Connection – is making the same transit that the Sun, Mercury and Mars made in August. This means that the ways in which you bond and connect are tested, checked, and scrutinized. As always, the transit itself is momentary, the effects could be lasting.

Study after study shows that for human beings like us connection is nothing less than a basic need. That’s why relationship issues tend to feel so very alarming and concussive, no matter whether it is your family bonds, business alliances, friendship, or romance that is at stake.

And hélas, my dear, our journey through this highly igneous territory continues.


On Saturday 10th, Mercury, the planet of communication, commerce & connection, is stationing retrograde in Libra, which is of course the sign of Relations. In terms of cosmic timing retrogrades are moments to review, reflect & recalibrate. There’s no way around it: It’s time to scrutinize the manifold and often sinuous ways in which we bond and exchange with others. Time for deep talks about both parts of the Equation. And yes, time for inconvenient questions on the overall nature of your relationships.

Alliances or Symbioses?

People Pleasing or Tacheles?

Overexploitation or total expenditure?

Mutual interest or mutual dependency?

True love or deep fear?

Lately on instagram @ucanoutdoors reminded us in his unique and friendly way that the best way to solve a problem is to no longer participate in the problem. I know, this is hard. But thank Goddess, Virgo is offering us her virtues as a support: Discernment, Precision, Pragmatism, Diligence. The Priestess of the Process is averse to any dramatic moves and attitudes and teaches us that one talk may not be enough.

In terms of relationships our Sovereignty proves itself not necessarily in loud announcements, hard decisions, or clear cuts, but in our capacity to engage in complex and wholehearted negotiations. Virgo will prevent you from rushing in or out of anything like a fool. Instead meditate on both the awful and the wonderful truths that surface these days.

Alright then: Avoid the lava-streams. Take only one step and one word at a time. And choose solutions over promises.

I promise, the Cosmos is on your side!

Yours INSA

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