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Rethink, revision, renegotiate and reposition yourself!

Since the end of October Mars is retrograde in Gemini.

We call it a retrograde when - due to an optical phenomenon - a planet appears to reverse its direction. All planets station retrograde in their own specific rhythm. Some more often, others rarely.

Personally I think that the phenomenon of the planetary retrogrades holds beauty and a deeply healing potential. We can learn so much from the PLANETS' alternating backward and forward motion, that the PLANTS mirror ostensively in the gentle rhythm of growth and consolidation.

As humans and members of the productivist society we love any kind of fast forward mode and tend to dislike any kind of rework. But with the planetary retrogrades the cosmic curvature is guiding us back to the things we may have left behind all too hastily & willingly.

The retrograde Mars can feel extra hard, but once you understand it properly can be a great chance to heal, to integrate and solidify your growth.

Here’s what you need to know to work with this retrograde:

Mars represents your motion, your energetic signature, and the many ways in which you take action. Mars is retrograde only every two years. Last time this happened was in November 2020. Since then, a lot has happened. You grew in many ways. This is why it’s so important to rethink, revision, recalibrate and reposition yourself now.

This retrograde is happening in Gemini, the sign that rules the mental sphere, your communication and exchanges at large. As social beings who rely on meaningful and nourishing connections the updates, deep talks and fundamental renegotiations that surface can feel delicate.

For most of us it takes a lifetime to master the art of constant mediation and to be fully present in exchanges… let alone in conflicts. But this inner work is well invested for our energy works best if we’re able to direct it straight.

Have courage, dear, and realign your words, your thoughts and actions.

Especially these days Neptune and Mars encourage you to focus on your high values instead of your best strategies. Widen your understanding for other viewpoints and - at the same time - deepen your personal integrity. Learn how to witness your counterpart and - at the same time - be on your own side. With clarity. With kindness. With compassion.

The cosmic message is simple & puzzling:

All persons are unique,

and - at the same time -

all humans are equal.

Alright then, dear, Embrace uncertainty. Relax into ambiguity.

I promise, the Cosmos is on your side,

Yours INSA

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