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HOPE & HEALING: New Moon in Sagittarius

New Moon on Wednesday Nov. 23d

Out of the dark... and into the wild, wide open!

Thank Goddess, Eclipse Season is officially over! On Tuesday, November 22d, the Sun moves into Sagittarius. The cosmos is shifting its tone from deep to wide & from dense to wild. Maybe you’re still in the process of digesting the latest events and figuring out what they mean. Take your time. Constellations last only a moment but they can echo for weeks or months. You cannot get this wrong: Your timing, my dear, is cosmic.

On Wednesday the moon and the sun embrace each other in beautiful aspects to Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto. This new moon is offering macrodoses of HEALING, HOPE & EMPOWERMENT. Its signature is metaphysical, powerful, and very dynamic.

The cosmos is shifting its tone from deep to wide & from dense to wild. The new moon is fostering your Healing, your Hope and your Empowerment!

The active-orientated fire sign lends an exploring, expansive, and slightly missionary touch to all its philosophical & spiritual ventures. Sagittarius will turn any question into a fully blown quest. Its signature is optimistic, enthusiastic, and generous.

Now, Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter who – yes, yes, yes! – is stationing direct in Pisces on the same day and therefore boosting this new moon from good to grand & from big to huge.

Does this sound too good to be true? I know: Eclipses can be a lesson in humility. Its plot twists and showstopper may have left you feeling raw and vulnerable. Plus, the square between Neptune and Mars in Gemini might still be causing some fogginess in your mind.

Instincts over Intellect! It's time to stop thinking... and start feeling.

But here’s the good news: To work with this new moon, you can stop thinking and start feeling. Half horse half human, Sagittarius combines intellect and instincts. The time quality is fostering your intuitive & instinctive responses. There is no need for detailed planning. Instead, focus on the wide prospects and generous visions that leave space for all the support that Jupiter, Neptune & Pluto are granting you.


The cosmos invites you to faithfully commit to those huge goals that demand not only clever thoughts but whole hearts & strong instincts.

Alright then, my dear:

Believe in your calling, listen to your Heart and gallop wherever it leads you.

I promise the COSMOS is on your side,


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