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Do you remember the New Moon in Gemini on May 30th? It was fast & furious and encouraged you to think (and plan) big. Now, half a year later the full moon in Gemini is highlighting your agency and overall alignment and scrutinizing all the ways you use your agency in dysfunctional ways or refuse it altogether.

"In general, full moons are phases of deep awareness and high sensitivity. But this time, with Mars conjunct Luna your senses may be on red alert."

Information of all sorts - words, thoughts, doubts, comments & arguments - may come in at high speed. And it may be tempting to lash out or blurt out instantly. Slowness, precision, and caution are the virtues of the week.

Precision… Last week brought a lot of confusion and uncertainty so it may be helpful to understand what all of this means for you. Astrology does not aim for a blunt work-life balance. Instead, it proposes a detailed and wise system of twelve areas – the “Houses” – that are interconnected in beautiful and intricate ways. Locating the trouble can be the first step to solve it. Go to the end of this post and find your sign or rising sign to see which part of your life is pulling focus now...

Slowness… Even when you feel that you’ve touched the heart of the matter you don’t need to decide or do anything. The good thing about retrogrades and the cyclic principle at large is: We can be sure to circle back to the exact same place. But – hopefully – with more resources and more understanding for ourselves and everyone who’s involved.

Caution… Taking note of what is happening is enough for now. As Gemini rules the mental sphere any practice that involves words - be it poetry, collage, text, song, or rap - is favorable to process the hard feelings that may come up.

A little off in the distance Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto form harmonious and deeply empowering aspects. The collective planets hold space for your personal struggle and signal that all you go through may be part of a global healing journey, a collective empowerment, and a profound renewal of our human sense of connection.

Alright then. Slow down, dear, and remember: Taking your time is an act of Sovereignty!

I promise, the Moon is on your side!

Love, INSA

Check your chart. What is this all about?

Gemini & Gemini rising

Focus: Body and Personality. "I am here. I take space."

Taurus & Taurus rising

Focus: Talents & Resources. "I value and I cultivate my talents."

Aries & Aries rising

Focus: Communication. "I fully express myself."

Pisces & Pisces rising

Focus: Home, Family, Root system. "I cherish my roots. I am nourished."

Aquarius & Aquarius rising

Focus: Creativity, Joy. "I am becoming a generative force in the world."

Capricorn & Capricorn rising

Focus: Work & Health. "I attune my productivity to my personal rhythm and needs."

Sagittarius & Sagittarius rising

Focus: Committed relationship. "I open up to the other without abandoning my Self."

Scorpio & Scorpio rising

Focus: Transformation, shared ressources. "In order to bloom I essentialize."

Libra & Libra rising

Focus: Philosophy, Perspective. "My existence bears meaning."

Virgo & Virgo rising

Focus: Career, Vocation. "I show up to manifest my calling."

Leo & Leo rising

Focus: Friends, Networks. "I am part of a bigger network without loosing my individuality."

Cancer & Cancer rising

Focus: Transcendence, the unseen. "I surrender to fully emerge."

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